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The Journal of New Trends in Anthropology is born with a renewal, transbordering and interdisciplinary vocation, as well as committed to the world in which we live, and invites to take part of this publication to everyone who wishes to participate in this common work to lead anthropology towards new horizons of action and reflection, as a reader or an author .

Renewal because it considers the solid purpose of following the trace of the anthropological production which is made now a days, without limits, without reservations, without exclusions, by including in its pages the new contributions elaborated in the field of theories as well as practice, with the sole condition that the original coincides with the valuable...

Transbordering because, far from imprisoning itself in its own territorial boundaries, it hopes for starting a path to the interchanges of knowledge, going beyond the narrow limits of mental and national customs, with the objective of going deep into a declared internationalization of anthropological production.

Transdisciplinary because, instead of limiting itself to the operational range of the intradisciplinary land, it accepts the challenge of promoting the crossed fertilization with other similar disciplines in the vast field of social sciences, with the purpose to sow fertile spaces of intersection that favor the encounter between different areas of knowledge, as we believe that any reclusive endogamy impoverishes the practice of reflection. .

Committed to advance towards a reality beyond the imaginary constructed by official reality, positioning the anthropological knowledge towards the objectives of a participative society, based on the dialogical reason, supported by horizontal structures and, in which the diversity is understood as a flow of social wealth. Because other world is not only possible but also necessary.  

The Journal of New Trends in Anthropology is an annual publication of the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (Spain).

This journal publishes articles, conferences, translations, bibliographic reviews and debates that articulate ethnographic works, and those of theoretical and methodological discussions by Spanish and foreigner authors. For this reason, we make a call for participation by sending texts, searching for strengthening the academic interchange in the context of Anthropology and Social Sciences.  

The publication of the articles is subjected to an evaluation process that guarantees authors and evaluators anonymity.

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Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas de Elche. Área de Antropología social. Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.

Avda. de la Universidad, s/n, 03202, Elche (Alicante). ESPAÑA